Tales Out of School: Home Education Stories eBook

Author: Barratt-Peacock, Dr John and Wight, Susan
ISBN: 978-1-9219992-9-1
Extent: 192 pages
Category: Reference

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Home education is an increasingly popular alternative to mainstream schooling, and although many American books exist on the topic, Australian home educators have, until now, been largely uncatered for.

Tales out of School is a book for existing home educators and those enquiring into home education as an option for their families. It contains 40 home education stories from the coalface of home education. 

The world of home education is a hugely diverse one. Within these pages, as in home education itself, you will meet families whose stories will immediately resonate with you and you will also meet families who you will regard as more than a little odd.

Whether you have a casual interest in home education, are starting out or a seasoned veteran, this book has something for you.

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  1. ... sometimes emotionally raw, and even confrontational. Review by Wendy Priesnitz, Life Learning Magazine
    Star rating

    One of the things I appreciate about their book is that it presents reality - both challenges and successes.
    The stories are insightful, sometimes emotionally raw, and even confrontational. They honestly explore why people choose home education, why most succeed, and why some quit. This is a unique read for anyone involved with or interested in home education, no matter where they live. (Posted on 1/05/12)

  2. An excellent insight into the world of home education Review by Judy Ephraums
    Star rating

    For anyone wishing to explore the growing educational option of home education, this book is an excellent place to start.

    Filled with very personal and honest accounts by home educators of all persuasions, "Tales out of School" offers a rich insight into the world of home education - the reasons people choose to home educate, the different approaches they take and, in some cases, how it "all worked out" for the young people involved.

    As a home educating parent, I am pleased to be able to say that Dr John Barratt-Peacock and Susan Wight have not, in selecting material for their book, presented a bland, "rose coloured glasses" view of home education; rather, the stories they have included offer a balanced and realistic look at what it means, or can mean, to educate your children outside of the established school system. Of particular interest are the accounts by young home educated people themselves.

    This is a book I would comfortably recommend to anyone with an interest in home education - the veterans, the novices, and, perhaps most of all, those who are "just looking". (Posted on 5/03/12)

  3. ...assembled a fantastic portfolio of real life challenges and success of home educating families in Australia. Review by Guy Tebbutt
    Star rating

    Dr John Barratt-Peacock and Susan Wight have assembled a fantastic portfolio of real life challenges and success of home educating families in Australia. John, having done extensive research about home education and Susan, being an experienced home educator with vast knowledge on the topic, have come together to present us with this unique, awe inspiring book about Australian Home Education. Tales Out of School is presented through the eyes of those that matter most – parents and their children.

    The book takes us on a gutsy, insightful, emotional, and sometimes confrontational journey into the everyday reality that parents face with home educating their children. It delves into the trenches and front lines of home education and explores real reasons why people choose home education, why some succeed, and why some don't make it all the way. John and Susan help to bring some perspective on what it's really all about. This book answers many questions that new home educators ask.

    1. What's it like to home educate your kids?
    2. Why do people home educate?
    3. How do people do it?
    4. What if I fail?

    Reading this book has been exciting, sobering and inspirational. It's invaluable to get these insights into the lives of real home educators.

    Reviewed by Guy Tebbutt
    Australian Home Education Association President
    (Posted on 26/02/12)

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Dr John Barratt-Peacock and Susan Wight

Dr John Barratt-Peacock

John's involvement in and study of home education has spanned four decades. His extensive CV includes the first PhD on Australian home education. He has been consulted on home education by the governments of most states and territories, was a member of the Tasmanian Ministerial Working Party on Home Education in1991 and has published three home education magazines. He has regularly appeared in the electronic and print media as an expert on home education and in the Family Court of Australia as an expert witness. His five children, now adults, were all home educated and attended university.

Susan Wight

Susan has been home educating for many years and has experience educating toddlers to teenagers. She continues to home educate two teenagers with her eldest son now at university.

She is very active in the Australian home education community as the editor of Otherways, the Australian home education magazine and coordinator for the Home Education Network (HEN). Her home education career has included conferences, webinars, political lobbying and the organisation of a Home Education Symposium and Parliamentary Briefing as well as manning the home education help line. She is regularly interviewed in the print and electronic media regarding home education.

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