Book Distribution with Palmer Higgs Books Online

Palmer Higgs Books OnLine is the perfect way to utilise the marketing reach and retail capability of the Internet without having to devote enormous resources to developing your own commercial web site. Books OnLine is dedicated to the promotion and distribution of books by Self Published authors but you do not have to have to use Palmer Higgs Publishing to produce your book – any Self Published author can list their books for sale on Books OnLine.

Books OnLine is non-exclusive, therefore you can use it as your primary method of distribution or as an adjunct to other distribution methods you have put in place.

Books OnLine has been designed to provide a simple and effective method of selling your book on the Internet. It works very much like other Internet “shops” and provides the customer with the opportunity to see an image of the book, read a synopsis and reviews, order the book and pay on-line through a secure payment system.

For the author, it provides a secure retail outlet without having to create and manage your own commercial website which can be very costly and time consuming. We provide the option of an Author Page which enables you to have your own Micro Site linked to your book – in effect, your own web site! You can see your sales quickly and easily on-line and we provide a monthly reconciliation and payment for books sold.

But one of the most important benefits of Books OnLine is that it will be marketed to become one of the leading on line bookshops – meaning that more people will see your book.

To publish your book now click here for learn about the current self-publishing packages that Palmer Higgs has to offer.